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Care for the Family

You are special and loved by God.

In St. Martin’s and St. Mary’s, we believe that care for you and your family starts right here. We are always experiencing ‘life’ which throws up events we don’t welcome, and find difficult to deal with.

The Church family are here for you and each other. We can always talk to the Rector, or a member of the Church. Sometimes that may be difficult or we may need extra help.

Care For The Family also cares and provides literature, support, telephone help line and internet support. We belong to this organisation and provide information and regular communication to inform the whole Church.

We thoroughly recommend their support which has great sensitivity to many of the hurdles we experience throughout our lives, such as bereavement, divorce, legal problems, financial worries, relationship and marriage problems, isolation and many other problems of family life.

We say ‘family life’ because everything that happens inevitably has an impact on someone or something else in our lives. As a Church family we can pull together and support each other and use Care for the Family at the same time.

If you want to find out more contact:
The Secretary 

Care for the Family logo

You can ring Care for the Family on 029 2081 0800 or visit the Care for the Family website.

The National program includes:


  • Maintaining a healthy marriage
  • Bringing Home the Prodigals
  • Working to live (about money & stress)
  • Living with loss (for bereaved parents)
  • Breakthrough (for those widowed at a young age)
  • Playtime National Conference for Parent & Toddler Groups
  • Connect 2 (for the newly married)
  • Special days for Single parents
  • Life in a step family
  • A rough guide for Dads
  • How to drug-proof your kids

Videos & books on:

  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Dads in prison
  • Being a grandparent
  • Retirement
  • Talking about sex with children

and many, many more – ask to see our collection.

Special short holidays for:

  • Single parent and one or more children
  • One parent and one child from 2 parent families (all in summer months)

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