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There are many opportunities for prayer at St Mary’s and St Martin’s. All requests are confidential and can be made without giving a name.

Join us in prayer

The prayer circle began many years ago, with Edna Channing being one of the founder members. It began as a chain with one person receiving all requests and phoning them on to each member of the chain. This became expensive and time consuming for one person. Thus the chain became a circle.
Each member is happy to receive and pass on prayer requests around the circle.
All requests are treated as confidential and non - judgemental.
We ask that you make requests as clear and concise as possible.
We trust God to know the details!
We take requests for anything you feel needs prayer :-
Sickness –Operations – Hospital Appointments – Work and Family Situations – Exams – Job Interviews etc.
If you are praying we will do so along side you.
There are also those difficult times when you may feel unable to pray yourself. Please let us take that burden for you.
We do, however, ask for updates as situations change. Work on the principal that if you are still praying we need to support you with our prayers.
Please also inform us of answered prayer.

We like to give Thanks and Praise to God. It also makes us feel that the circle is fulfilling God’s purpose.
Contact: The Secretary.

PRAYER MINISTRY TEAM prays for you or someone known to you, for healing or other concerns after the 10 am service at St Martin’s. Contact: The Secretary.

PRAYER DIARIES – request books are available at both St Mary’s and St Martin’s churches. Requests are prayed for on a daily basis and at Parish Prayers.

PARISH PRAYERS are held weekly on Wednesdays at St Martin’s church at 9.30 am - a  45 minute session of prayer and praise. Informal, spoken and unspoken prayer concerning our church fellowship, local community, national and international issues takes place. Everyone is welcome.

Quiet Days are offered during the year. Details of these will appear in the weekly newssheet as and when they arise.

If you have any queries then please email The Secretary for more details.



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